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Babies not Biological Material

Fetus.  I hate that word and all it has come to mean.  A fetus isn’t a person.  It’s biological material that can be sucked out and thrown away.  Disposed of in any number of ways.

Sometimes I go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon and look at the display of unborn babies suspended in formaldehyde or some other preservative.  In jars like pickles.  Little tiny people.  It’s meant to teach and I know it does but it makes me feel physically sick to see them there.  It feels to me about like I imagine it might feel to walk into a home and find Uncle Albert’s head mounted above the mantle like a deer or elk.  Those are tiny people in those jars.  How can anyone not see it?  I understand that it’s much more comfortable to think of those developing babies as mere biological matter.  It makes it acceptable to erase a “mistake” and continue on as if nothing more has happened than the removal of a mole.

And those of us who have miscarried, who didn’t want to get pregnant but somehow did and considered it a miracle and a gift rather than an inconvenience…

I have nothing more to say right now.  I can’t type through my tears.  What’s wrong with us?  How can we do the things we do and feel perfectly justified doing them?  It’s monstrous.